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  IPM Advance Course on Late Stage of Stellar Evolution
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
School of Astronomy
April30th  - May 4th 2011
  The final stage of a low or intermediate mass star is a red and cool giant with substantial mass loss accompanying with periodic or irregular brightness variation. Such prodigious mass loss and the large number of low- and intermediate-mass stars results in the fact that about 80-90 % of the interstellar medium has been cycled through a star ejected via this process. At the other end high mass stars will proceeds nuclear reactions to produce heavier elements up to iron and end up with a supernova the most luminous and violent explosion in the universe.

The IPM advance course on late stage of stellar evolution is a five days course intended to cover major topics related to stellar models, mixing and surface enrichment, mass loss mechanism, dust and chemical enrichment. The talks are adequate for MSc and PhD students and will be held in IPM (Niavaran), 30 April to 4 May 2011.
The Course is intended to be an intensive program for MA & PhD  graduate students.
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