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Publications since (2007)

Ahmadi, N.; Khoeini-Moghaddam, S.; Nouri-Zonoz, M.

Fermat's principle in quantum gravitational optics

JCAP, 05, pp. 015 (2008).


Azadi, A.; Momeni, D.; Nouri-Zonoz, M.

Cylindrical solutions in metric f(R) gravity

PLB, Volume 670, Issue 3, p. 210-214(2008)


Miraghaei, H.; Nouri-Zonoz, M.

Classical tests of general relativity in the Newtonian limit of Schwarzschild-de Sitter spacetime



Ahmadi, N.; Nouri-Zonoz, M.

Quantum gravitational optics: the induced phase

Class. and Quantum Grav., Volume 25, Issue 13, pp. 135008 (2008).


Ahmadi, N.; Khoeini-Moghaddam, S.; Nouri-Zonoz, M.

Quantum gravitational optics in the field of a gravitomagnetic monopole

J. Phys. Conf. Ser., Volume 67, Issue 1, pp. 012056 (2007).


Ahmadi, N.; Nouri-Zonoz, M.

Raychaudhuri equation in quantum gravitational optics

PRAMANA , Vol. 69, No. 1, pp. 147-157 (2007)

Invited paper for the 50th anniversary of Raychaudhuri equation.(special issue)


Khosravi, Sh.; Kourkchi, E.; Mansouri, R.; Akrami, Y.

An inhomogeneous model universe behaving homogeneously

GRG, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp.1047 (2008)


Khakshournia, S.; Mansouri, R.

Matching LTB and FRW spacetimes through a null hypersurface

Gravitation and Cosmology, vol. 14, No. 4, pp. 295-300 (2008)


Ghassemi, S.; Khakshournia, S.; Mansouri, R.

Thick Planar Domain Wall:. its Thin Wall Limit and Dynamics

IJMPD, vol. 16, Issue 04, pp. 629-640 (2007).


Biswas, Tirthabir; Mansouri, Reza; Notari, Alessio

Non-linear structure formation and 'apparent' acceleration: an investigation

JCAP, Issue 12, pp. 017 (2007).


Khosravi, Shahram; Kourkchi, Ehsan; Mansouri, Reza

Modification of averaging process in GR: Case study flat LTB

IJMPD, to be published


Movahed, M. Sadegh; Evalds Hermanis

Fractal analysis of river flow fluctuations

PHYSICA A, vol. 387, 915-932(2008)


Movahed, M. Sadegh; Sheykhi, Ahmad

Observational constraints on the braneworld model with brane-bulk energy exchange

MNRAS, Volume 388, Issue 1, pp. 197 (2008)


M. Sadegh Movahed, Marzieh Farhang, Sohrab Rahvar

Recent Observational Constraints on the DGP Modified Gravity

Accepted for Int. Journal of Theoretical Physics (2008)


Movahed, M. Sadegh; Ghassemi, Sima

Is the thick brane model consistent with recent observations?

PRD, vol. 76, Issue 8 (2007)


Movahed, M. Sadegh; Baghram, Shant; Rahvar, Sohrab

Consistency of f(R)=R2-R02 gravity with cosmological observations in the Palatini formalism

PRD, vol. 76, Issue 4, id. 044008 (2007)


Rahvar, Sohrab; Movahed, M. Sadegh

Power-law parametrized quintessence model

PRD, vol. 75, Issue 2, id. 023512 (2007)


Robert Brandenberger, Hassan Firouzjahi, Johanna Karouby, Shahram Khosravi,

Gravitational Radiation by Cosmic Strings in a Junction

JCAP, 01, 008 (2009)


Rahmati, Alireza; Jalali, Mir Abbas

New biorthogonal potential--density basis functions

arXiv :0811.1538


Malekjani, M.; Rahvar, S.; Haghi, H.

Spherical Collapse in Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND)





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