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251. Derek Hammer, Gijs Verdoes Kleijn, Carlos Hoyos, Mark den Brok, Marc Balcells, Henry C. Ferguson, Paul Goudfrooji, David Carter, Rafael Guzm�, Reynier F. Peletier, Russell J. Smith, Alister W. Graham, Neil Trentham, Eric Peng, Thomas H. Puzia, John R. Lucey, Shardha Jogee, Alfonso L. Aguerri, Dan Batcheldor, Terry J. Bridges, Kristin Chiboucas, Jonathan I. Davies, Carlos del Burgo, Peter Erwin, Ann Hornschemeier, Michael J. Hudson, Avon Huxor, Leigh Jenkins, Arna Karick, Habib Gharar Khosroshahi, Ehsan Kourkchi, Yutaka Komiyama, Jennifer Lotz, Ronald O. Marzke, Irina Marinova, Ana Matkovic, David Merritt, Bryan W. Miller, Neal A. Miller, Bahram Mobasher, Mustapha Mouhcine, Sadanori Okamura, Sue Percival, Steven Phillipps, Bianca M. Poggianti, James Price, Ray M. Sharples, R. Brent Tully and Edwin Valentijn,
The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Survey. II. Data Description and Source Catalogs,
ApJS 191(2010), 143-159  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2011/04    
252. Russell Smith, John Lucey, Derek Hammer, Ann E. Hornschemeier, David Carter, Mike Hudson, Ron Marzke, Mustapha Mouhcine, Sareh Eftekharzadeh, Phil.. James, Habib Gharar Khosroshahi, Ehsan Kourkchi and Arna Karick,
Ultraviolet tails and trails in cluster galaxies: a sample of candidate gaseous stripping events in Coma,
MNRAS 408(2010), 1417-1432  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2010/04    
253. P. Smith, Habib Gharar khosroshahi, Ali Akbar Dariush, A. J. R.. Sanderson, T.J.. Ponman, J.P.. Stott, C.P.. Haines, E.. Egami and D.P.. Stark,
LoCuSS: connecting the dominance and shape of brightest cluster galaxies with the assembly history of massive clusters,
MNRAS 409(2010), 169-183  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2011/01    
254. S. Abbassi, J. Ghanbari and M. Ghasemnezhad,
Hydrodynamical wind on a magnetized ADAF with thermal conduction,
MNRAS 409(2010), 1113-1119  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2010/009    
255. R. Emami, H. Firouzjahi, M. S. Movahed and M. Zarei,
Anisotropic Inflation from Charged Scalar Fields,
  (to appear) [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2010/008 link: arXiv:1010.5495 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
256. many others. and S. Rahvar,
Astrophys. J (2010),   [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2010/007    
257. S. Rahvar, A. Mehrabi and M. Dominik,
Compact object detection in self-lensing binary systems with a main-sequence star,
Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. (2010),   [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2010/006    
258. H. Firouzjahi, S. Khoeini-Moghaddam and Sh. Khosravi,
Cosmic string collision in cosmological backgrounds,
Phys. Rev. D 81, 123506(2010), [11 pages]  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2010/005    
259. R. Emami, H. Firouzjahi and M. S.. Movahed,
Inflation from Charged Scalar and Primordial Magnetic Fields?,
Phys. Rev. D 81(2010), 083526  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2010/004    
260. A. Alshino, H. G. Khosroshahi, T. Ponman, J. Willis, M. Pierre, F. Pacaud and G. P. Smith,
Luminosity functions of XMM-LSSC1 galaxy clusters,
Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 401(2010), 941-962  [abstract]   
Code: IPM/A-2010/002    

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